Chic and sophisticated, Shabran Wellbeing Resort provides exotically inspired retreat and creates a profound feeling of divine harmony and seamless relaxation. 

Imbedded in the luxurious surroundings, Ayurveda Spa is heaven with a tranquil atmosphere. Ayurveda Spa offers a full range of facial, body, and massage treatments featuring a unique blend of Ayurveda-influenced treatments. It consists of five treatment rooms, one additional VIP treatment room, relaxation areas, Finnish Saunas, Steam rooms, and a yoga studio.

Seamlessly connected with Spa are the following facilities: cardio gym equipped with the latest equipment, indoor swimming pool, and football field.


Shabran Wellbeing Resort is the first Ayurveda center in Azerbaijan. The spa center occupies 800 square meters and provides an exclusive authentic healing experience brought to you from India and delivered by the award-winning organization with 100 years of history and a professional team of therapists and Panchakarma practitioners. Our team will be focusing on your physical, mental, and psychic health throughout your stay.  

Ayurveda Experience

Your adventure at the Ayurveda center starts from professional doctor consultation carried throughout your stay with healing Panchakarma treatments, sunrise and sunset yoga, Pranayama sessions, lifestyle coaching and customized diet.

Healing Experience

Our Ayurveda center provides a healing experience for the below health conditions:

- Skin and Hair health;
- Arthritis;
- Anti-Aging Therapies;
- Stress, Anxiety and Depression;
- Gut and Digestive disorders;
- Overweight;
- High Blood pressure;
- Type 2 Diabetes;
- Allergies.

Spa Services

Ayurveda Spa and Fitness center features a yoga studio, Finnish saunas and steam baths, relaxation areas and treatment rooms, indoor swimming pool, cardio room and mini stadium.